Monday, June 14, 2010

recent pics

it hasn't been that long since I took their pics, but Emmerson looks so much different, and it seriously takes two seconds....I know they look super photoshoped, but that's what I do..

sendin out the vibes

kinda wierd, but cute

she's LOVES her big brother, Max not so much
Their skin tones are crazy different.

Miss America of the house, yes she is in charge and she has
She's a little turd, but we sure do love her


Trevor and Dayna said...

Cute. 4 yrs old is a tough one to swallow. However I am dreading the day Keyton turns 5 even worse. Once they start Kindergarten we will never see them again! I am getting sad already and it's still a year away.

VicandNanc said...

Wow, you little one has changed a lot! I can't tell that they are photoshopped, so that must mean you do a really good job of it!