Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Birthday Party...

Thanks to my lovely friend Katie, she let us borrow her sweet BOUNCY HOUSE for the party!
Thanks Katie, and the kids LOVED it! As you can see...
Also thanks to Katie for saving the day and finding us the toy he cried about for a week.
Toothless the dragon! It only took looking threw 3 Wal-marts!
Maddox's Buzz lightyear bike, Emmerson actually liked it more than her brother..
he was a little afraid..

His Dragon PJ's...

His funny little Maddox reaction to his new big swimming pool Grammy Tammy bought him!
thanks Grammy Tammy

After all the kids left I snapped a cute little pic of his star glasses,
we love this boy


Burdick Family said...

We love that little boy too! Thanks for letting us come stay this weekend!

Amanda said...

Great party! Thanks for the invite!!!!