Thursday, March 4, 2010

our room, it was fun, scary at night in middle of the ocean looking at the black waves.. Renting Mopeds on Nassau! This was awesome! You drive on the left side of the road, and everyone just honks at was a little scary!

Matt makes a lot of fun of this picture, People who know me, know I kinda make this face when I look in the mirror...Ok I know I do it, i'm an idiot!

Matty sending out the vibes on the boat...12 floors...ready to go do some gamblin...

Hard Rock Cafe in Miami...I had an apple was different, but good!

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Lea said...

Hahaa, so funny what you said about taking your picture. That is the face you make looking in the mirror. I miss you. SO funny. The trip looked like a blast. How fun was it to take a break from the kiddos? I'm sure you missed them, I know I would. Sorry you were so sick. You aren't pregnant are you? It was just sea sickness or you had the flu?